1000 Watt LED Grow Lights for Beginners | The Editor's Choice (2023)

You are just a few steps away from your best 1000 watt LED grow lights.

We know it's confusing to choose from hundreds of models of 1000 watt grow lights. Use your money wisely and choose the best products.

A 1000 watt lamp will definitely be expensive and you shouldn't buy it without reading online reviews.

Today we've picked some of the best 1000 watt LED grow lights of all time.

Read our full review and find out which light suits your needs. You are the person who knows your indoor garden best.

Read the information carefully and choose the best rated product without spending a lot of money just on grow lights. There are many other indoor grow tools that you need to purchase to start growing indoors. Save some money by going for the affordable and best 1000 watt grow lights available at the best price point on Amazon.

King Plus LED Grow Light

1000 Watt LED Grow Lights for Beginners | The Editor's Choice (1)

The 1000 watt King Plus LED grow light tops our list. It is the best energy efficient 1000 watt grow light. 10W LEDs are used in the manufacture of each piece. It emits a very strong light, which is necessary for rapid growth.

These LEDs are very efficient and brighter than 3W and 5W LED lights.

There's no need to worry about electricity bills because the good news is that it only uses 185 watts of power and puts out a whopping 1000 watts of bright, full-spectrum light.

Voltage range 85V to 265V (worldwide).

Red, yellow, blue, IR, white and UV light are enough to grow any type of plant and herb at any time of the year. Light is everything if we want to grow plants without sunlight in our basements or rooms.

If you have a King Plus LED light, you don't have to worry about plant growth as it grows fast.

All LED lights are suitable for all different growth stages of a plant, so this light,

Another important consideration when buying a 1000 watt grow light is the cooling system. To maintain a constant temperature, the manufacturer uses a hole in the back and sides of the lamp.

The luminaire does not require an additional cooling system, as the construction is self-cooling and the high quality of the material emits only an insignificant amount of thermal energy.

You can easily run this light for 16-18 hours as none of the plants need more than 18 hours of light. This is the maximum amount of time you can provide light for photosynthesis to your indoor garden. After that time, they need rest, just like we need rest.

It can easily cover an area of ​​about 3.5 to 3.8 feet. Remember that the height of the light is very important when installing a light above the plant. Do not hang the grow lights too close to the plant as this will burn the leaves and if the light is too far away the plant will not get the full light for photosynthesis.

Buy this lamp with no risk as the manufacturer's guarantee covers the first 3 years of use. Their customer service is there for you around the clock. If you have any problems with the lighting, just contact them. They will reply to your request within 24 hours.

Overall the light is the best and most efficient compared to the other 1000 watt grow lights.


Extremely bright light


save energy

Connect and use

Simple control via the timer


For indoor use only

Recordcent 1000w indoor grow light

1000 Watt LED Grow Lights for Beginners | The Editor's Choice (2)

Replace your 1000 watt HPS light bulb with this new growth technology. It is more efficient and manageable as it can be controlled by the timer.

(Video) 💡 Top 8 Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights of 2022| 8 Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights on amazon

The lamp has a cheap price on Amazon, but is equipped with high-quality material on the inside.

Cheap lamps do not always mean an inferior product.

It only uses 110 to 120 watts of power making it the most energy efficient grow light on the market. The goal of the manufacturer was to develop grow lights that are quite affordable and give off extremely bright light.

They spend more than 8 years developing a unique product.

It only covers an area of ​​2.8×2.5 square meters. We know it doesn't cover a large area, but it's suitable for first-time growers. Beginners don't want to spend a lot of money on grow lights. They always want more for just dollars, so we're adding this lamp to our list.

The high quality material used by the manufacturer makes it very durable and lightweight, which is the reason for selling it.

This energy-saving light features 100 5W LEDs that emit a full spectrum of light. It is much brighter than 1W and 3W LEDs.

The purpose of light is to assist plants in photosynthesis. This is the process by which they make their food and live long lives.

To keep the temperature low, two large cooling fans are factory-installed. Their operation is quieter, you can't hear the noise even in a quiet room.

The company offers a long trial period of 4 months. If you don't like the results or aren't happy with the brightness or results, send it back to the company for a refund.


Low production costs

Professionally engineered

Nice cooling system


Best for beginners


Lifetime only 35,0000 hours

Dimgogo 1000 watt light for indoor gardening

1000 Watt LED Grow Lights for Beginners | The Editor's Choice (3)

Top rated product from highly rated grow lights on Amazon. The users are very satisfied with this lamp. In our garden we have been running it for more than a month for 20 hours with 4 hours off per day and all parts including the LEDs (Red, Blue, White, IR and UV) work perfectly.

We use it in a 4×4 grow tent and we don't have a ventilation system in the tent. The best part is that it doesn't generate any heat.

It features only 10W LEDs, which are brighter than 5W and 3W LEDs. The light has been designed by professionals who have many years of experience in the indoor growing industry and we have to say that they design the best product.

When it comes to using powerful grow lights, people fear the electricity bill, but this light gives them peace of mind. You can use it freely as it uses only 185 watts of power, which is a big saving on your electricity bill compared to the old lighting tech.

Always prefer energy-saving lamps, they keep production costs low.

We know many people who choose to grow indoors as their carrier. They grow herbs and sell them at the market for a high price.

People want to eat fresh food every day, all year round. Indoor grow lights allow you to keep your business selling fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs 365 days a year. People pay for fresh food.

Back to the light.

This lamp requires no maintenance, however high temperatures can damage the internal components of the lamp. To solve this problem, the manufacturer supplies two powerful cooling fans that keep the temperature constant and increase the lifespan of the lamp.

Warm skin and cooling fans require no maintenance or oiling. It is recommended not to look directly into the lamp during operation. This will permanently damage your eyes as the light is very strong.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty period.

Return it within 30 days and get a refund from the manufacturer.

(Video) Hidden Harvest 36w LED Growlight: First Impressions

When installed at a height of 20 to 22 inches above the plant, it can easily cover the 3×3 growing area.

Read the reviews on Amazon and see the positive feedback from others who have been using this grow light for many years before purchasing this cheap and best product.


energy efficient


Lang garanti

30-day trial period


For indoor use only

Grow Star 1000 watt super bright well made grow light

1000 Watt LED Grow Lights for Beginners | The Editor's Choice (4)

As the name suggests, it is the star among indoor grow lights. The best 1000 watt LED grow lights for sale online.

You do not need any other lamp online, even if it is similar to this type.

There isn't much information about this light on Amazon, but we speak from personal experience with this product.

In March 2018 we decided to use stronger light to grow many plants at the same time. We use 4 of these lights to cover our grow area.

We believe this light works like any other, but in reality it is an extraordinary light. Plants love this light, also the plants around this light enjoy it very much.

We were surprised to see the results, but before ordering three more candles, we decide to wait two months to fully review them.

The lamp works perfectly, it has a detachable power cord, which makes it easy to install even in corners. It is suitable for hydroponic, grow tent, grow room, grow cabinet, etc. You can use it anywhere you want super bright light.

The secret behind bright light is the high power of 200pcs 5W LEDs. The special design makes it more efficient as the optical lens reduces light loss by 40%. Less light loss means more absorption, resulting in strong and fast growth.

380-760nm full spectrum light helps the plant get wholesome nutrition. In addition, the IR and UV light helps them fight diseases. UV and IR LEDs don't seem to work because they're dim, but they are very powerful. Each IR and UV LED looks dim in any grow light.

The power consumption of this lamp is 400 watts, but it delivers a whopping 1000 watts of bright light.

We currently have 4 Grow Star 1000 watt Grow LED lights in our garden and are happy with the results. Plants that want to grow fast are placed under these lights and grow as expected (very fast growth).

Get more yield at the end of the growth cycle. The yield of the plant depends on the quality of light you grow it with. This light emits a premium light quality that penetrates deep into the plant and encourages flowering, resulting in more yield.

If you move to other parts of the world where a different voltage is used, don't worry, the input voltage of the lights is 100-240 volts.

5 meter power cord length, 3 year warranty and 30 day satisfaction or money back guarantee.


Consume less electricity

Good qualityLys

3 year guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

(Video) Someone sent me a light bulb?!! | Easy bright LED grow bulb review

Super bright light

12 band full spectrum


Not waterproof

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Bestva LED grow light

1000 Watt LED Grow Lights for Beginners | The Editor's Choice (5)

This is a technically advanced grow light among other 1000 watt LED grow lights. It uses dual chip technology which is new on the market.

This new mother chip makes the light extra bright compared to other LED grow lights in this power class. Using low power LED grow lights offers no benefit and gives no results.

Plants like bright light, including UV and IR rays. This product is an excellent piece of technology that has everything your plant needs to grow healthy and fast. Deep light penetration technology stimulates plant growth and ensures rapid growth in just a few days of use.

If you have this indoor grow light, you don't need to buy any other lighting equipment. It emits full spectrum light, just like sunshine. Plants cannot tell the difference between sunlight and artificial grow light.

But they don't like cheap grow lights because they emit a false spectrum of light that isn't complete.

High power lights always need the best cooling system and the manufacturer offers high speed cooling fans in this indoor grow light to keep it cool in all weather conditions.

It emits 1000 watts of light but uses only 185 watts of power. What lowers your energy consumption? Bestva's research and development team develops this lamp after many years of research in their laboratory.

The Bestva 1000w grow light has 100 pieces of 10w light emitting diodes. The working temperature of the light is below 68-104 degrees Fahrenheit, so you don't have to worry about that.

We all know this is a big brand when it comes to indoor grow lights.

The manufacturer grants a 3-year guarantee and a 1-month test period. If you are not happy with the results, you can return it for a refund.


No additional ballast required

Simple control by a timer

3 year guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Not waterproof

Holland Star high power light

1000 Watt LED Grow Lights for Beginners | The Editor's Choice (6)

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Spend less on your electricity bills and get a higher yield with this improved design. Holland Star is a major brand in the artificial grow light industry. They develop this piece after much research.

It features an aluminum heatsink and large, quiet cooling fans that keep the light temperature down and improve performance.

Use it in the vegetative stage at a height of 24 inches to cover the entire area of ​​the 4×4. In the flowering stage, it hangs 18 inches above the plant, covering the 3×3 growing area.

An indoor grow light that can be used anywhere (grow room, grow tent, etc.).

The good news is that it has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which is more than enough. Always exercise caution when using grow lights as they are expensive. The G1000 is suitable for both novice and experienced growers.

It only consumes 180 watts of power and provides super bright light like sunshine. A full spectrum of light boosts the photosynthetic process, resulting in more yields and stronger plants.

Users reported that they see a sudden increase in the health of their plants. 80% of users recommend this light over all other 600 watt LED grow lights.

In the beginning, people don't want to spend a lot of money on attachments, so this lamp is perfect for them. Just pay a few dollars and get a quality piece of grow light.

Holland Star builds high quality indoor grow lights for plants. Their goal is to offer the best quality at an affordable price so that everyone can afford a quality product.

There is a protective device on the main circuit board that protects the lamp from overheating. Suppose for some reason the fans suddenly stop working and the light temperature increases every hour. If it exceeds the limit, the protection device will be activated and turn off the light automatically.

You can control this light with any type of timer. It's best to use a timer if you don't have enough time for your plant and are new to indoor growing.

Do not look directly at the light as it can damage your eyes. Use good sunglasses to protect your eyes.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with a 3-year warranty.


Good quality

Energy saving light


Super bright light

longer work




In summary, the above lights are the best 1000 watt grow lights for indoor gardening. There are many other brands, but we didn't find anything special among them.

These lights are used by thousands of indoor growers worldwide.

When choosing these lights, we consider all aspects of budget, quality, warranty, lifespan and light absorption rate.

We suggest you choose according to your budget and needs.

Our experts found Bestva 1000W and King plus 1000W best for growing each plant. These are not very expensive, have great features and have been tested by millions of users around the world.

Now we want to hear from you which light you find useful. Let us know in the comments section.


How many plants can you grow with a 1000 watt LED? ›

Yield Lab 1000W HPS Cool Hood Reflector Grow Light Kit (Price: $229.95) — With a 1000w grow light, you'll get 130,000 lumens from an HPS bulb and 110,000 lumens from an MH bulb. That's sufficient to provide coverage for up to 6 plants.

How far should a 1000 watt LED grow light be from plants? ›

Lower wattage LEDs of around 200 watts should sit between 12-20 inches from the top of the plant. Higher wattage LEDs of 1000 watts and above should sit between 36-46 inches from the top of the plant.

How much does it cost to run a 1000 watt LED grow light per month? ›

Grow Light Electricity Cost Calculator
WattsHours Per DayCost Per Month
3 more rows

How much area does a 1000 watt LED grow light cover? ›

How much area does a 1,000 watt LED grow light cover? If you're going to be using a 1000 watt LED, you'll definitely have a pretty big space. Lights of this size can generally cover an 8' x 8' veg area, or a 7' x 7' flower area.

Can plants get too much LED light? ›

Yes LED lights can burn the leaves of the plants. High intensity LED lights can be too much for plants, especially when they are extremely close to the plants. Exposing plants for long periods to lights (as we have discussed) will also lead to leaf burn.

What wattage is best for plant growth? ›

Best growth occurs above 750 foot-candles unless plants also receive extended periods of direct sunlight. Give them artificial light in the 500 to 1,000 foot-candle range, or 15 or more watts per square foot of growing area.

Do grow lights raise electric bill? ›

A light system will increase your electricity cost -- the exact amount depends on the size of the system and the number of hours operated. However, since most grow lights are so energy efficient, you are getting huge amounts of light (and growing power) for your money!

How many years do LED grow lights last? ›

Quality LED lamps should last at least 50,000 hours—that's 12-15 years of normal growing cycles.

Do LED lights raise electric bill? ›

LEDs Use Less Energy Than Traditional Lighting Sources

LEDs use between 25- and 80-percent less energy than incandescent lights. According to the DOE, the annual energy cost of a 60 W incandescent light is $4.80, but the comparable cost of a 12 W LED, providing the same light as a 60 W incandescent light, is $1.00.

How much does a 1000w LED grow light yield? ›

After you reach 1,000 micromoles, every 1% increase in light intensity will increase yield by 1%. When it comes to 1000w led grow light, PPFD can reach 1500+ umol/s. Perhaps you know that too much light intensity can cause phototoxicity, which can result in leaf burn or leaf roll.

How many watts do I need to grow 4 plants? ›

Recommended wattage assuming 1.0 sq ft/plant
# of PlantsSquare FeetWattage from Wall
1140 watts
2280 watts
44160 watts
66240 watts
2 more rows
Sep 8, 2014

How many plants will a 1200W LED grow light produce? ›

Yield: 8-9 Plants

The 1200W LED Starter Kit: Medium is packed with size and power, offering double the growing space and double the LED power (1200-Watts), for better results.

How many LED lights do I need for a 10x10 grow room? ›

How many LED grow light watts are required per square foot of grow area?
Grow Room SizeSquare FeetVeg Wattage
6' x 6'36720 watts
4' x 8'32640 watts
8' x 8'641,280 watts
10' x 10'1002,000 watts
6 more rows
Mar 5, 2021


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